Slash your operating costs with Unitas’ new procurement service!

Unitas now offers its members an impartial outsourced solution for their non-resale purchases, from energy to stationery.

In partnership with Auditel, a renowned leader in cost, procurement, and sustainability solutions, Unitas Procurement negotiates preferential rates and service levels on purchases as varied as payment solutions, agency staff, warehouse consumables and packaging.

This partnership saves members time spent sourcing the best deals on innovative products, services, and processes, with no cost or obligation – and it saves them money by offering rates negotiated using the scale of the UK’s largest independent wholesale group.

With the benefit of Auditel’s vast expertise in over 100 categories, we are launching the scheme with an exclusive and expanding portfolio of top-tier Unitas Verified Suppliers.

Proud to be working in partnership with Auditel

How it works…

We can offer all members a full cost review free of charge with no obligation on the member.

From this review, based on each member’s category/supplier spend, we will make recommendations for each cost category for a Group Deal, a Strategic Review or Full Tender.

There will be NO direct costs to members for any of Unitas Procurement Services.

An agreement with a Unitas verified supplier for a commodity or service where there are many variables or different specification per member and where a tailored strategic review will deliver best results.

We will build the profile for the member spend and actively tender it to the marketplace. Procurement tenders are bespoke and will always include multiple suppliers. It will be an ethical, competitive and independent process that is conducted by Unitas Procurement directly.

An agreement with a Unitas verified supplier for a commodity or service where every member regardless of geography, profile, risk or consumption will benefit from the group strength for that commodity or service.