We have scale

Our family of wholesale members represent a combined buying power in excess of £8.bn, making us the largest independent wholesale buying group in the UK. Our strength in both numbers and volume allows us to negotiate the strongest trading terms, advertising agreements and the most competitive promotions for our wholesale members. Through our marketing support and a comprehensive calendar of annual events we offer a plethora of additional benefits and business opportunities that together deliver unrivalled benefits for our wholesale members and their customers.


We are diverse

We are the most diverse group of its kind in the industry with our members representing cash & carry and delivered wholesalers operating across retail, foodservice, on-trade and specialist market sectors. As recognised multi-channel experts we are able to offer tailored business benefits that specialist groups simply cannot.


We are independent

We fully recognise the importance of independence. We know you want to make your own business decisions, and as a member of Unitas you can run your business the way you want but with the benefits and support from the best in the business. Our trading terms, insights, expertise and central office services will enable you to compete effectively in an ever-evolving wholesale landscape.

We invest

We are constantly investing in new technologies to enhance the efficiencies of our business and provide members with the tools to make swift, informed and astute commercial decisions.

Our central agreements with vital online services such as Erudus and Brandbank support members with free access to the latest product and allergen data.

As technology moves forward so too does the way in which we communicate with our members. Our weekly Digital Bulletin featuring the latest supplier and industry news, and our online Digital Excellence Academy resource modules, are just some of the innovative ways we communicate vital information with our members on a regular basis.


We promote you

From our comprehensive calendar of annual wholesale events through to our retailer and foodservice magazines, we provide our members with ample opportunities to showcase their business to existing and potential new customers.

Through our packed promotional programme, which includes deal brochures personalised to wholesaler depots, and digital capabilities such as the Plan for Profit app, we have created more than 1.5 million touch point opportunities for you to promote your business.

Our annual events such as Trade Show and Conference provide plenty of networking opportunities for members to meet and socialise with other key industry decision makers, sharing valuable insights on ways to grow your business. 

“This is such a key time for independent wholesale to galvanise itself, and Unitas has given it’s wholesale members new opportunities that otherwise would have gone to national competitors such as Booker or Bestway. Through Unitas I am confident suppliers will really get behind us and give us the terms that we need to be competitive in today’s market.”

Nick Ramsden, DB Ramsden

The divisions in which we operate…

Retail Wholesalers


Support your independent retailer customers through our retail operations, award winning promotions and industry leading Plan for Profit initiative.


Foodservice Wholesalers


Our members represent one of the largest foodservice operators in the industry with a combined turnover of more than £2.5bn, growing year on year.


On-Trade Wholesalers


Our rapidly expanding on-trade division has a combined turnover of £750m, supported by strong terms, competitive promotions and bespoke marketing support.  


Specialist Wholesalers


Whether you’re a specialists in discounted products, ethnic foods or export, we can offer you tailored support to help you reach more customers.


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