Quality, low-price alternative to the major brands. Lifestyle offers great value, everyday items for retailers and shoppers alike at minimum 30% POR. The range includes canned vegetables, meat, and fish, condiments, oils, pasta, biscuits, hot drinks, juices, household cleaning products, pet care and more.

Exclusive Wines

Our range of wines offer fantastic value and include the sparkling Santa Loretta Rose, complemented by premium varietals, such as Don Fabian.


Our wide range of white and everyday ciders come in the popular PET bottle and can formats, offering branded quality at an affordable price.

Here’s some more of our market leading own brands…



Our biggest-selling range of great-tasting energy drinks gives you POR of up to 50% across a wide range of sport and functional drinks.


Sun Spring


Our bottled water range offers an attractive great price point for consumers looking for alternatives to soft and fizzy drinks.


Prince Consort


In this range, bestselling vodka is complemented by whisky, gin, brandy and rum, all offering branded quality at a lower price.


No 3


Our tobacco range is exclusive to the independent channel, providing a value alternative to the leading tobacco brands.


Caterers Kitchen

Offering genuine kitchen essentials, this foodservice own brand range has been created by chefs for chefs and provides exceptional value while matching brand quality.

The range is continually evolving to reflect customer demand and the latest industry insights and trends to deliver all the kitchen essentials for a out of home outlet.

The Caterers Kitchen extensive range covers all food and cleaning essentials for a busy kitchen, from bouillon to baked beans, binbags to bleach.

Caterers kitchen own brand foodservice range

Your comments matter to us

Maintaining high standards of product satisfaction and customer loyalty are incredibly important to us, therefore if you have any comments or queries about any of our own brand products we’d be happy to hear from you.

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